Cooling the skin of the Laser Beauty Machine treatment area

The new generation of Laser Beauty Machine painless permanent hair removal technology is the most advanced permanent Laser Beauty Machine laser hair removal method introduced at present, which aggregates many international leading patent technologies. The hair removal speed is more than 3-5 times higher than the traditional ones. It is truly fast, freezing point, zero touch and painless hair removal, and truly achieves the perfect combination of effect, safety and feeling!

The freezing point hair removal technique is painless. Faster, this is mainly due to the new "Freezing Point Hairless" system Laser Beauty Machine laser adjusts the photon head of the skin, and further the square hair removal spot, so that each time the hair removal area is increased, greatly shortening the treatment Time, at the same time, due to the increase of hair removal spot, the energy is even and dispersed, the skin stimulating effect is also reduced several times, and the process of hair removal is also quick and painless.

The biggest difference in the mechanism between the hair removal Laser Beauty Machine and the traditional laser hair removal is that the traditional Laser Beauty Machine laser hair removal requires high energy to burn the hair follicles at a moment, while the freezing point hair removal gently absorbs melanin, thus achieving the purpose of permanent hair removal without excessively irritating the skin. Causes pain or risk.

The Laser Beauty Machine laser hair removal method is called the permanent hair removal method in the country. The ice contact is depilated. The world's advanced semiconductor laser technology is used to make the nano-wavelength beam penetrate the epidermis, enter the dermis layer, and selectively be hair. The melanin particles in the hair follicles absorb and produce a photothermal effect. The heat energy in the hair can be transmitted to the surroundings, and the hair roots in the hair follicles are completely destroyed, resulting in permanent hair removal. Cooling the skin epidermis of the treatment site of Laser Beauty Machine to 5 degrees, effectively protecting normal skin from damage, reducing pain, increasing treatment energy and improving curative effect.