Laser Beauty Machine Operating Precautions

First of all, because there are many kinds of laser beauty instruments on the market, the energy is different, so the use is different. However, no matter how the laser beauty instrument manufacturer promises the company's Laser Beauty Machine, it needs certain protective measures. For the operator, it is necessary to wear eye protection. .

In addition, for customers, if it is laser eyebrow washing, Laser Beauty Machine laser eyeliner and other business, because close to the eyes, so should wear eye protection for customers.

If the Laser Beauty Machine is used improperly, it may cause damage to the customer's skin. Therefore, the operator must be professionally trained to operate.

A qualified Laser Beauty Machine operator should understand how to avoid burns on the skin. The operator should use the Laser Beauty Machine for surgery to adjust the energy of the instrument from low to high, thus avoiding excessive energy of the laser instrument, skin burns, blisters. .

If the Laser Beauty Machine operator causes burns to the customer, there is no need to panic. Simple postoperative treatment can help you solve the problem. When the burn occurs, you should apply the light conditioning cream or the phototherapy postoperative improvement essence to the customer. . For the phenomenon of pigmentation and the like, the laser instrument can be used again.