The body contouring trend in 2020

The Body Contouring Trend in 2020

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The body contouring trend is here to stay, and 2020 will see the evolution of both surgical and non-surgical techniques, but the later one would enjoy more popularity.

"For 2020, trends in plastic surgery are towards a more sophisticated body experience where skill, technology, and human touch blend,”says New York City-based board certified plastic surgeon Ryan Neinstein, MD, who has seen an uptick in body treatment requests.

In his practice, non-surgical body sculpting options include EmSculpt (to help define abs and buttocks) combined with skin tightening and lymphatic drainage massages.“Here people get the combination of modern technology with the traditional warmth and professional feel of human touch,” he says. To complement those services, patients enter into a weekly body treatment program at the practice and undergo light therapy. (LED or infrared) to maintain the results. “These treatments help detoxify, recover, and firm the body from the wear and tear we all go through,” he says. 

Dr. Mahmood, meanwhile, notices that patients are increasingly bothered by skin laxity of the face, abdomen, arms (to name a few), but may not be ready to undergo a facelift or abdominoplasty. As a result, non-surgical skin tightening options using radiofrequency and heat are becoming increasingly attractive options.