The effect of Laser Beauty Machine laser beauty is half of the correct care before and after surgery

Laser Beauty Machine laser is widely used in skin treatment for scars, skin rejuvenation, chloasma, freckles, tattoo removal and other aspects of acne. However, the treatment effect is not consistent with each other. In addition to some factors that are difficult to intervene, such as treatment parameters and individual differences, the effect depends to some extent on whether the care before and after the laser is correct or not. Clinically, the very professional perioperative period is also increasingly used in medical beauty.

The perioperative period is a whole process around the operation. The patient (the beauty seeker) decides to receive treatment until the treatment related to the operation is basically finished. It includes three stages before, during and after surgery. 3-6 days before surgery to 7-12 days after surgery.

Laser Beauty Machine laser preparation

Psychological preparation: Laser Beauty Machine laser treatment also needs a process, not a one-step process, and some treatment process will have temporary repetitive, for example, in the Laser Beauty Machine laser treatment of pigmented diseases, due to deeper treatment level or darker skin tone, etc. Adverse factors, after treatment may cause hyperpigmentation after inflammation, it is necessary to understand this, otherwise it may cause anxiety or irrational emotions and behaviors, affecting the treatment effect.

Skin preparation: Medical skin care products using hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed collagen and other ingredients 3-6 days in advance to improve skin hydration ability, enhance skin tolerance and reduce postoperative complications.