How To Care For Laser Beauty Machine After Tattooing

Very good for MM, not only MM, but also a lot of GGDD, although love is the nature of everyone, but who can always keep that young face. Especially when the erosion of the years wants to get rid of the tattoo on the body, how to remove it is the method that every MM wants. There is hope now that Laser Beauty Machine can effectively solve this problem that plagues us, but we have to do regular care after removal.

1. Targeted: Regardless of the type of tattoo, Laser Beauty Machine laser can adjust the solution according to the principle of tattoo, coordinate the bio-stimulating effect, rearrange and regenerate the collagen fibers and elastic fibers of the skin, and restore the elasticity of the skin. Leaves skin white and flawless Laser Beauty Machine laser tattooing generally returns to normal within one month. According to different skin conditions, the number of laser tattoo treatments varies, sometimes once or twice, sometimes several times.

2, treatment safety: Laser Beauty Machine laser tattoo treatment is safer, during the treatment, a certain wavelength of laser light is only absorbed by the corresponding color of the pigment, normal skin tissue is not damaged, will not stay scar. The Laser Beauty Machine laser uses a specific light source to ensure that it only acts on the pigment without affecting the normal skin tissue. Under the action of light energy, the pigment is vaporized and decomposed, and then naturally excreted with the body's metabolism. To achieve the purpose of washing tattoos. In fact, Laser Beauty Machine laser spotting is based on the selective photothermal effect theory to use its powerful instantaneous power to directly vaporize, crush, and then excrete through the lymphoid tissue without affecting the surrounding normal tissue tattooing method.

3, does not hurt the skin: In fact, Laser Beauty Machine laser tattoo will not burn the skin, this method is different from the traditional surface tattooing method. Some doctors used a laser that absorbs the wavelength of melanin to illuminate two sets of balloons. One side is laser-illuminated, and the inner black balloon is broken by the high heat of the laser, while the light-colored balloon with a thin outer layer is like a flap. Lossless. So this is a method that can completely wash the tattoo problem completely and completely. After the treatment, it can be basically cleaned, the effect is durable and stable, and there is also a high degree of safety.