Laser Beauty Machine Common Eight Major Problems

I believe that many beauty salon beauty bosses will have headaches, when the customer is freckled or wrinkle-resistant, what should I do if the Laser Beauty Machine is replaced? What can I do if I can't find the after-sales service? These are the headaches of the beauty salon owner. It's a brand. These are not problems. For customers who purchase their own Laser Beauty Machine, they will solve the problem in the first time.

Laser Beauty Machine common eight major failures:

1, Laser Beauty Machine operating hands can not light, do not count the problem.

2, Laser Beauty Machine does not work, the hand is hot and hot.

3, Laser Beauty Machine energy attenuation, poor clinical treatment.

4. Laser Beauty Machine cannot open and close the machine problem for unknown reasons.

5. Laser Beauty Machine has problems with water leakage and leakage.

6, Laser Beauty Machine control screen appears black screen, lock screen, screen damage.

7, RF class Laser Beauty Machine energy instability problem.

8, slimming class Laser Beauty Machine appears weak suction, mechanical roller does not work.

Laser Beauty Machine has problems to find a small brother to help, we will solve the problem for the customer in the first time, "Customer satisfaction is our greatest pursuit" This contribution to our work efficiency is huge, we are constantly Improve work efficiency, we will quickly give you a solution after your repair, to ensure the normal use of your Laser Beauty Machine!