The Size Of The Laser Beauty Machine Mall Is Gradually Expanding

Where there is demand, there is a shopping mall. As the scale of the Laser Beauty Machine is gradually expanding, the problem has followed.

The land of the first battle is the issue of product homogenization. In "Online VS, who moved the first page of the Cheese Beauty Machine", the column group summarized the Laser Beauty Machine, which sold top10 in several online platforms, and learned that hydration (including spray function), The low-end Laser Beauty Machine, which is clean (including blackhead function), is the mainstay of consumer shopping malls.

The huge demand for shopping malls, plus the low-end Laser Beauty Machine's low technical content, the low cost of the model, the lack of intellectual property rights of practitioners, and other reasons directly lead to the homogenization of the Laser Beauty Machine store. This also prevents the innovation of the profession, constitutes the infinite loop of the introduction and implementation of the new concept, and loses the meaning of technological innovation in the technological industry.

Second, government departments lack certification and supervision of new technologies. On the one hand, the shopping malls are in the forefront, supervision and management are in the aftermath, in the face of a thousand miles of beauty technology, the government departments have no time to make norms. On the other hand, there is no clear beauty equipment specification in domestic shopping malls, and the positioning of Laser Beauty Machine is vague and attributed to the gray industry, so most brands operate according to the specifications of home appliances.

Some industry experts pointed out that most of the Laser Beauty Machine brands still operate with traditional ideas, but there is no real in-depth study. For example, if you see the sales of hair removal instruments in the mall, you will entrust the foundry to produce hair removal instruments, but you have not considered how to filter them. The presence of dangerous ultraviolet light in the epilator. With the development of the profession, the norms will also be drafted. The real can be livelihood, and the consumers will be recognized, and they must be those brands that are “intentional”.

Third, exaggerated results. Laser Beauty Machine has always come out with the concept of "high-tech beauty". With this layer of "protective color", Laser Beauty Machine comes with a halo, but some brands have exaggerated the product's effectiveness, causing consumers who want too much to lose their determination.