14 Tesla High Intensity Tesla Sculpt

It uses electrical muscle stimulation to target and stimulate the deeper muscle layers, causing involuntary muscle contractions. The treatment targets specific muscle groups in your abdomen and buttocks to increase muscle strength and refine the appearance of your muscles. Just lie down for 30 minutes = 5.5 hours of exercise. Painless, sweatless, convenient and fast, let you own perfect line.

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14 tesla high intensity tesla sculpt

ems muscle machine 5000 w

Product description:

2021 sincosculpt em 150hz 13.46 tesla

What is Hi-emt? 

HI-EMT device designed for aesthetic purpose, having 2(two) applicators with higher intensity. It’s cutting-edge technology in non-invasive body contouring, as it not only BURNS FAT, but also BUILDS MUSCLE.

Additionally, the treatment require no anesthesia, incisions, or discomfort. In fact, patients are able to sit back and relax, while the device performs the equivalent of more than 20,000 painless crunches or squats.


TechnologyEMS Electrical Muscle Stimulation
Operation SystemHigh-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic
LanguageEnglish and others
Handles4 Handles
MaterialABS+Stainless Steel
Voltage110V/220V 50-60Hz
Packing size71*61*112CM

Product advantages:

Compared to 700W of the machine in market, the power of this device is 2300W. The full energy of ordinary machines is only equivalent to the intensity of our 3rd level.

There are 10 levels of energy to be adjusted, 7 kinds of frequency wave forms, 5 body parts can be operated, the lowest frequency is 4.46 Tesla and the highest is 7 Tesla.

Muscle gain is synchronized with fat burning, and the safety factor is high. Using it for 30 minutes equals to the effect of 5.5 hours' exercise. 

The technology is continuously improved in the long R&D period, and the instrument performance is stable with few after-sales. All kinds of certificates are complete, and the safety is guaranteed.

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13.46 tesla high intensity tesla sculpt

ems tesla4 handle SincosculptCompany profile:

em sincoscuplt

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13.46 tesla ems


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14 tesla high intensity tesla sculpt

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2021 sincosculpt em 150hz 13.46 tesla

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13.46 tesla high intensity tesla sculpt

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