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30 minmutes treatment equals to 5.5 hourts exercise, 90,000 sit-ups, professional fat reduce and muscle increase beauty machine, super popular in marketing now

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Sincoheren Muscle Building Body Shaping Machine in promotion


How Femsculpting Body Slimming & Muscle Lifting Works??

Using HI-EMT (High Energy Focused Electromagnetic Wave) technology to continuously expand and contract autologous muscles and carry out extreme training to deeply reshape the internal structure of the muscle,that is, the growth of muscle fibrils (muscle enlargement) and produce new protein chains and muscle fibers (muscle hyperplasia), so as to train and increase muscle density and volume.

The 100% extreme muscle contraction of HI-EMT technology can trigger a large amount of fat decomposition,Fatty acids are broken down from triglycerides and accumulated in fat cells.The concentrations of fatty acids are too high ,causing the fat cells to apoptosis, which is excreted by the body's normal metabolism within a few weeks. Therefore, slim beauty machine can strengthen and increase muscle, and reduce fat at the same time.


2021 Newest desgin Femsculpting Body slimming High Intensity Pulsed Electromagnetic (HIPEM) technology for body slimming, firming and fat burning. Professional device for beauty salons and physicians who want to offer their clients the most up to date and effective non-invasive body contouring treatments.

Femsculpting Body slimming builds muscle and burns fat at the same time. Electromagnetic pulses induce supramaximal muscle contractions which force muscle tissue to adapt, leading to an increase in muscle growth while burning fat

though lipolysis.

Cooling Technology:

Our optimized water cooling system make the machine very effective to perate for a very long time without any downtime. Even further there are no worries for leaking oils anymore.

Manual Training:

Our cutting-edge technology makes it possible to adjust electromagnetic pulse width through very wide range. So you don't have to
stick to a few presets, you can design special manual treatment program for your patient's needs


No more Extra Supplies, the machine has no consumables

Perfect water Cooling system makes the machine even stronger.

Outstanding durability, 15,000 treatment assurance

3 years full coverage warranty

Convenient Operation- easy&effective present/ User interface



* Offer your clients the latest in cutting edge body contouring treatment technology

* Just turn on and let the system do the work for you

* Simple and easy to use operation

* Zero consumables

* Non-invasive, no downtime, no side effects and pain free

* Comes with 2 applicators, allowing treatments for stomach, buttocks, arms and thighs


Advantages of machine:

* Safety application

* Non -invasive

* No downtime

* Virtually painlesss

* Short treatment times

* Simple operation

* Easily and quickly body counting

Before and after pictures by customers:



Customer who reatment for  30 minutes, as you see the effect is obvirously.

Welcome contacts Cassiel for more videos and pictures feedback by customers.

Cassiel Sun:

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Any questions please be free to contacst us for details~~

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