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SMQ-NYC3 is also an Intensive Pulse Light (IPL) treatment therapeutic machine in a vertical type. SMQ-NYC3 is Sincoheren\'s third generation of Intensive Pulse Light therapeutic machine. SMQ-NYC3 has a 10.4-inch touch panel controller, a user-friendly multi-language operating system. With the adoption of perfect pulse technology, stable and even output of the energy can be easily realized. The standard configuration of this machine contains an HR handle piece with big size light spot and an SR handle piece with small size light spot.

Product Details

Product Details

Cooling systemSemiconductor cooling, Built-in water cooling, and air cooling
Skin coolingContact skin cooling technology
Electrical requirement 230VAC 50Hz 1200W 
Dimension(W×D×H)46cm*75cm *40cm
Net Weight36kg
Model NameNYC-3

        Product Description 

IPL therapy

What is SHR?

SHR stands for Super Hair Removal which utilizes the most advanced technology of "in-motion" to carry out the pain-free treatment. SHR is able to output 10 shots at 1 second and make treatment movable. Combining with a perfect semi-conductor cooling system, this machine brings totally pain-free and comfortable treatment feeling. It is more effective than a traditional IPL machine.

FP=Flyer Point

FP mode was developed by the R&D Department of Sincoheren. FP outputs a series of pulses during operation in different sensitive areas, such as upper lips, hairline, and front ear, etc. By using FP mode to do hair removal, the treatment is more accurate and effective, especially for thin hairs. More comfortable treatment experience in small areas will be realized.

Precipulse Technology

1. Multipulse technology makes treatment more efficient through selectively adopting different pulse width and duration on different target tissues.
2. A perfect square, balanced energy output and “in-motion” treatment will be well realized.
3. Epidermis will be maximally protected and a gradual increase of epidermis temperature is guaranteed.
4. Target tissue reaches treatment t
emperature rapidly so as to guarantee therapeutic results.

5. Totally comfortable treatment, no side-effect.


IPL therapy

1, Hair removal
2, Skin rejuvenation
3, Wrinkles reduction
4, Skin tightening
5, Acne Lightening and eliminating
6, Skin elasticity improving
7, Vascular lesions removal, Telangiectasis curing
8, Freckles eliminating
9, Removal of pigmentations, age spots, sun spots, etc


IPL therapy

1. UI flat design, delicate handpiece, accurate energy output
2. 3 treatment modes, FR(fly points) and SHR
3. The skin contact cooling system makes the treatment safe and painless.

4. 5 skin types optional, 5 body parts optional, suggested clinical body parts are available.


3 handpieces are available to choose:

1. HR treatment handpiece for hair removal.
2. SR treatment handpiece for skin rejuvenation.
3. VR treatment handpiece for spider vein removal.



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IPL therapy

Light sourceXenon lamp
SpectrumHR 690-1200nm SR 560-1200nm
Pulse duration20-149.7ms
Pulse Sequence2 or 3 Pulses
Energy density20-50J/cm²
Spot size 16×57 mm for HR 8×34 mm for SR

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