New IPL Hair Removal Machine With CE/FDA Approval

Name of the system: SMQ-NYC-3 Typed Intense Pulsed Light Therapy Device. The device is applicable in skin treatment of sunburn damage, freckle, age pigment, tiny wrinkle, angiotelectasis as well as in removal of unnecessary hair. The mechanism of treatment is based on light’s selective absorption effects. Controlled by computer system, the equipment is composed of main console, control panel and treatment Handpiece.The operating and controlling parts are placed in main console box. Built-in integrated microcontroller consecutively monitoring the operation of equipment.Controlling system consists of a 10.4 inch touch screen, key switch and emergency shut off knob etc. The screen displays system’s working mode, parameter and times of light spot treatment. Treatment Handpiece is composed of intense light emitter, handle switch and transmitting system.

Product Details

Advantages of IPL

Fast: The large surface area of the IPL hand piece allows for fast and effective  treatments with no post treatment discomfort. Everyone can return to work immediately  after an IPL treatment and there is no downtime associated with the treatment which  is  in contrast to laser resurfacing. With IPL, a larger area can be treated at one time as  compared to laser treatments. IPL treatments are typically four times faster than  traditional laser technology and much less painful than laser, waxing or electrolysis.   

Non-ablative: IPL does not damage the skin surface, unlike microdermabrasion and  laser resurfacing. Therefore there is virtually no recovery time. There is also minimal  pain associated with IPL treatments (as long as you have the right machine) unlike many  other treatments which require topical anesthetic.  

Comfortable: IPL is a low risk procedure involving minimal discomfort. It offers  integrated skin cooling during treatments which greatly reduces any pain felt by the  customer. Patient comfort is maintained without the need for cooling gels or topical  anesthetic. In comparison to waxing, electrolysis, laser and even shaving, IPL treatments  are significantly more comfortable for the customer with no skin irritation.   

Permanent: With just a few treatments customers see results that will last for years.


Hair Removal Competely And Permanently
Skin Rejuvenation
Ance Removal
Freckle Removal
Vascular Removal
Removal Of Pigmentations, Age Spots, Sun Spots, Etc.

NYC-3 details in PDF_05

Advantage body

1. Embedded power supply that provides powerful current to support the power of the machine.

2. Air switch. The machine is automatically protected according to the current. Extend the life and protect the original circuit.

3. Medical grade cooling fan, strong cooling effect, low noise, optimized use experience.

4. Software upgrade interface. Easy to upgrade and maintain the machine.

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